Missing Macaw

Macaw Parrot:
The Disappearance of Phoenix the Greenwing Macaw…

Phoenix the beloved macaw parrot of Linda Ott disappeared across state lines into South Carolina via Terry Corbin and made its way to Judith Archer’s House for what Terry told Ms. Ott was a temporary quarantine of the Bird.

The Macaw – Phoenix never made it to the numerous fictitious appointments supposedly made with the bird specialist in Jacksonville, Florida. Terry Corbin after seeing the bird’s condition seemed to take it upon herself to take it to a woman named Judith Archer, who supposedly deals in bird rescue. For some reason Ms. Corbin felt this greenwing macaw needed rescuing not a veterinarian that knew all about birds.

Terry Corbin, disregarding her word as a retired Lt. Colonel and government employee and promises to Linda Ott, went over the state line to South Carolina along with Phoenix the Greenwing Macaw.

When Ms. Ott found out her macaw parrot was in South Carolina, Linda began to realize that something was amiss in the arrangement she had made with Terry Corbin. She demanded that her bird be returned in less than two weeks.

Linda Ott had to have the police go to try and retrieve her greenwing macaw. The macaw was no longer in the possession of Terry Corbin; it was with Judith Archer. Ms. Archer refused to give the macaw parrot over to the police, demanding a claim and delivery receipt-saying this was the only way she would give this bird up. Ms. Ott refused to do this in fear that Judith Archer would send any bird upon receipt; since she couldn’t travel there to identify Phoenix at that time due to a new job.

After much anguish, Ms. Ott was able to get a hearing in court. Ms. Archer showed up with her lawyers before the judge. Listening to an argumentum Lawyer, the judge was not pleased with what he heard from the lawyer; Linda Ott discovered that Judith Archer no longer had Phoenix - the Greenwing Macaw. The lawyer stated the bird had been “adopted over state line”. They would not produce the greenwing macaw in question, nor prove who had it, if it was in fact Phoenix, Linda Ott’s greenwing macaw. The judge explained that Ms. Archer was not speaking for fear of being charged in a criminal court.

As a result of listening to these statements about the bird no longer being in the possession of Judith Archer – The Judge ruled that Judith Archer pay $3,000 dollars to Linda Ott. Judgment went in Linda Ott’s favor that her bird had been basically, kept from her wrongly.

Needless to say Judith Archer DID NOT like this judgment and took it to higher courts. A court had the judgment vacated on the basis of jurisdiction – the Greenwing Macaw - Phoenix was not in the judge’s jurisdiction per the attorney representing Ms. Archer.

Judith Archer still runs what she calls a rescue bird sanctuary within South Carolina. Many people wonder and question if this is in fact a rescue, bird sanctuary, or collection.

When birds are trusted into the hands of people in aviculture, they want to make sure that their bird is in the right hands, especially if the bird is having a health problem. Linda Ott thought her Greenwing Macaw – Phoenix had been placed into the hands of the right person – a friend, a fellow bird lover. Instead, this was no friend; it appears to have been an organized plot that turned out to be a bird knapping.

Many have asked questions and all unanswered:
1. Was there a plan from the beginning of the first conversation between Linda Ott and Terry Corbin, to possess (bird knap) the Macaw Parrot?
• Many have came forward, since the disappearance of Phoenix, saying this is so and some have apologized for their part.
2. Was there money motivating the bird knapping?
3. Did Judith Archer with intent make sure the greenwing macaw got across state line out of her possession knowing Linda Ott was taking her to court?
4. Supposedly Judith Archer “Adopted” Phoenix over the state line; Was there money involved for the disappearance of the bird?

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